Friday, July 17, 2009


I grew up in a generation of Americans seeking ways to expand their consciousness beyond the constricting conventions of the materialistic, upwardly-mobile economic culture of the Post-Depression, Post-War era. We were seeking transcendence.

We were seeking something spiritually liberating: ways to get directly, transcendentally to a Higher Consciousness of holiness, wholeness, health and well-being. We aimed to be authentically High, even though we fell for sordid surrogates and just got loaded and blasted instead.

But some of our gurus proved genuine and inducted some of us to commune with our Higher Selves and to find spiritual salvation through techniques of meditation and mind control, opening us to wider realms of consciousness, grander vistas of awareness, awakenings to the numinous.

Now that the gates of Heaven stand ajar, more souls can take the way to the Eternal Now of mystical bliss and to direct knowledge of the spirit of wholeness, the Holy Spirit.

Transcendence beckons.