Sunday, July 19, 2009


To pose this topic assumes
  • that we are not born wise yet may become wise
  • that wisdom is a kind of maturation, a ripening arrived at through development over time and through experience
  • that before one arrives at wisdom or grows wiser, one lacks wisdom and acts contrarily, which would be: foolishly, stupidly, ineptly, or in other ways that lead to unwanted ends.
Thus to act wisely or prudently entails foreseeing desirable ends and managing to achieve them as happily as possible for all concerned.

Thus wisdom, rather than implying the serene sagacity of passive contemplation, implies making decisions and taking actions that lead to good ends.

Serene contemplation of a problem may well bring insights that guide wise actions, but wisdom is finally practical, entails right choices, and produces valuable effects.

Which is why we hope and work to grow wiser.