Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Somewhere out there is the best-ever story to tell us what’s really going on in the cosmos—The Story of Everything.

But since I don’t know where that story is out there, I’ll just look in here, in my mind, in my imagination, in some inner sanctum of my consciousness where just that story is hidden—hidden in plain sight, should I look aright to find it.

Though I have no text to investigate, I have a heart and soul to intimate.

So let my intimations begin . . .

It’s all connected. Nothing is loose or isolated. All of Being (and All is Being) is one endless web of intelligent energy, energy informed with consciousness, the Ultimate Brain of Infinite and Eternal Being.

We are not separate, we are not distinct, we exist in perfect communication with the entire cosmic Metaverse, even though, for purposes we’ve hidden from ourselves, we pretend that we're discrete particles, mere perceptual illusions.

We’re playing Hide-and-Seek with our True Selves, or Self itself, until the All-y-All-y-In-Come-Free when we take a time-out from Time to rejoin eternity, right here, right now.

. . . So much for now, and here.