Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What behavioral indictors reveal that a person has attained what the ancient wisdom tradition calls “higher consciousness”?

When imbued with such an exalted state of consciousness (for few persist there permanently, and most attain such a condition only transiently) people in higher consciousness appear serene and blissful in affect.

They seem to radiate loving kindness to all about them. They are gentle and tolerant and appear to understand the vexations afflicting those around them, which their tranquility pacifies.

Whereas other people’s minds seem like interstate highways slashing through big cities at rush hour, their minds are kayaks slipping fluidly downstream through the rising mists toward dawn’s aurora.

In flow with the energies of the universe, in sync with the harmonies of the stars, these higher beings warmly glow, calming all in their presence.

They do not need to teach their secret since they live it. The example of their evident transcendence is all we need to lead us in their way, like a lodestar drawing us magnetically, in our own good time.