Thursday, July 16, 2009


Over and again, even though we catch repeated glimpses of the light that points our way to go, we lose the way, we miss the path, we wander into the ferocious forests, we fall asleep, and we forget our mission to come home. We are lost souls.

Where then is home? And what is there?

Home is joy and bliss and love and care.

Home is warmth and comfort, rest and respite, Heaven on Earth. It’s where we deeply yearn to be—
a place, a state, a way of being, in and beyond the world of turmoil and confusion, strife and contention, anger and frustration—a place of harmony and peace.

That’s the home we all long for, deep in our hearts and souls, even if we’ve never been there. That’s the habitat we’re made to inhabit, the condition we’re conditioned to, the life we’re meant to live—a life of blessed bliss.

See you there.