Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Let’s just assume that the Cosmos is alive and unfathomably intelligent, without necessarily personifying the universe as “God.”

Why not, then, converse with the universe to seek guidance on issues you face and decisions to make?

Get comfortable, but stay alert and receptive in mood, relaxed and undistracted, then bring to mind your query or concern.

Assume that just as a laptop computer connects with the Worldwide Web to feed its own small hard drive with a vast influx of information, so can your brain tap into the subtle flow of cosmic intelligence, what some call the Akashic field, a psychospiritual repository infinitely resourceful.

Make your request, assume that what you’re seeking will in due time arrive, and then again relax. Keep your doors of perception open, and trust your intuition to come up with what you need—Ah, ha!

It often works for me, so why not you?