Tuesday, April 1, 2008


My Dear Children,

It’s time I had a talk with all of you, from heart to heart.

As you know, I generally prefer to keep my distance and let you run your own affairs. Now and then in your history, I’ve sent a messenger to one or another of you to clarify what I had in mind when I ignited the spark of life on your precious planet.

I think you must realize, deep in your hearts, that you’ve strayed far off the course I had intended for you as your species evolved, beyond the instinctual directives that guide all other animals, to your present level of intelligent consciousness. Many of you seem to have forgotten what this game is all about: freely finding your own way back home to me, the Light of Love that generated you, and freely choosing to reflect my light within your lives.

Only unto you, of all my Earthly creatures, have I granted the freedom to choose goodness and eschew evil, to live in the circle of light or to turn darkward, away from love—to be winners and not sinners.

However, many of you have forgotten or misunderstood or ignored the glory of this game you’re playing, for when you have learned, by trials and errors of your own, that there’s but one true way to play—the way of love, of care, of kindness and cooperation for the common good—then you will have realized the wondrous purpose of this Cosmos you inhabit, which is to manifest my love.

Thus much I have instructed you before, by those you’ve heralded as saints and sages through the ages. And to your credit, many and many a human being has heard and heeded my perennial summoning to love.

But now, when your native inventiveness has yielded you the perilous power to annihilate all life on Earth, I thought it fit to talk to you directly, each and all, in words you cannot fail to understand.

And so much have I done now. I have reminded you you’re playing a game, an infinite game, not one with winners and losers, such as you’ve invented for yourselves. This is a game of hide and seek, and finding is its goal. It is a game of growing and glowing, becoming brighter as you go, while darker is an option to avoid.

And yet you’ve grown much darker lately, dangerously so, and that is why I am addressing you just now. Your freedom is your own; I’ll not deprive you of it and spoil our glorious game. I do not ask you blindly to believe in what I’m saying, but simply to consult what’s seeded in your heart, for there I’ve planted what you need to map your course and help each other find your way back home—to me.

Know too that when you walk the Way of Love, you are already home, since heaven’s kingdom rests within your heart.

—Al A. Luya

1 April 2008