Tuesday, December 27, 2016


                    Last night a possum hissed at our dog Tig
                    Who had surprised it, sitting by a tree

                    In our back yard, and several times as big
                    As she, who’d simply scampered out to pee.

                    The ruckus brought me quickly with a light
                    To see what all her barking was about
                    And glad to find no one inclined to fight

                    In what might easily be a fatal rout.

                    The stolid possum, staunchly hunched in place,
                    Stared steadily into my hand-held flash
                    As we remained in silence, face to face,
                    It clearly disinclined to make a dash.

                         I scooped up Tig, and we both backed away,
                         Relieved to have avoided a bad fray.