Saturday, January 23, 2016


                   It’s gusty out of doors and overcast;
                   The heater in the house is turned up high;
                   The girls, gone out to pee, have faced that blast
                   And now are happily back and cold, but dry.

                   I think we’ll wait a good while till our walk
                   In hopes the sun will burn through the cloud cover,
                   Against which I can spy a sailing hawk
                   Who barely moves his wings and seems to hover.

                  This is a morning made for indoor sports,
                  Not braving this intemperate, rough weather
                  Or better, as our little one exhorts
                  Me, to cuddle in this easy chair together

                     And hence it is we snuggle side by side
                     Where, till the sun comes out, we will abide.