Saturday, January 9, 2016



                      This dear warm puppy snuggled by my head
                      As Kim and I lie sleeping in our bed
                      Has chosen us to be her overseer,
                      To keep her warm and safe and free from fear.

                      She trusts and loves us, happy to be by
                      Showing her comfort with a blissful sigh,
                      Knowing we will provide for all her needs
                      As our life-long companionship proceeds,

                      Or if she doesn’t know exactly this,
                      She’s satisfied with this moment of bliss.


                      O, this dear weary puppy snuggled by
                      My heart, as we lie cuddled warm in bed,
                      Is thoughtless, I suppose, while I ask why
                      I’m occupied by busy thoughts instead.

                      Perhaps it is her mission to remind
                      Me that as well as thinking, one must feel,
                      And that the best of feeling’s to be kind
                      And that emotions, more than thoughts, are real.