Tuesday, January 31, 2017


                     She’s such a little sweetheart, Tiggy is,
                     A cuddle-pup who sits beside my hip
                     In my recliner as I’m writing this
                     Inspiring me on my poetic trip.

                     But in another mode, she’ll be a hellion,
                     Cavorting with my mother-in-law’s two dogs
                     As if she were inciting a rebellion
                     And harrying squirrels as on our walks she shogs.

                    But at her sweetest, snuggled in our bed,
                    Pooped out from the adventures of her day,
                    Between both Kim’s and mine, she’ll lay her head
                    And with her fluttering paws keep ghouls at bay.

                        She’s Tegan, Tiggy, Tiglet—our sweet pooch
                        Who’s eager always for a hug and smooch.