Wednesday, January 11, 2017


                    It’s time to pop our puppy in the sink:
                    She needs a bath, though's not begun to stink
                    Yet gotten a bit greasy, and her coat,
                    From being so fondly petted as we dote,
                    Has grown matted and a little sleek,
                    So it is I or the Canine Boutique
                    Who’ll spiff her up and snip her bangs as well,
                    Performing other services they sell.
                    But that won’t do—she’d be too much afraid
                    Of someone who’s just practicing a trade
                    Instead of doing lovingly a chore
                    For someone whom I cherish and adore.   
                         So in the kitchen sink she’ll soon be stood
                         Knowing this bother’s meant for her own good.