Thursday, August 11, 2016

UMMM . . .

                    Let’s see—what was it I was going to say?
                    Oh yes— it’s something about memory—
                    About the mental test I took today
                    For my retentional capacity.

                    I’m sad to say, I did not do so well,
                    While quite a few times even drawing blanks:
                    The more I did, the stronger grew the spell,
                    A run, it seemed, on my poor memory banks,

                    Although I’m taking medicine for this,
                    It hasn’t kicked in yet or quite enough,
                    And something’s cerebelically amiss:
                    Still, though, this poem shows I’ve the right stuff

                        To keep a beat and conjure ringing rhymes,
                        Though otherwise, it’s not the best of times.