Sunday, August 7, 2016


                    Now there goes Tiggy, bouncing down the stairs—
                    The happy flashing of her lustrous tail
                    To any gazing spectator declares
                     She’s blissful as a bunny on the trail

                    And eager to begin this dawning day
                    By racing round the back yard chasing squirrels
                    As Kimmie throws out nuts, and quickly they
                    Elude poor Tig and nab what Kimmie hurls.

                    As consolation, though, Tig grabs a few
                    To bring back in the house, and then we must
                    Negotiate a trade: a Greenie to
                    Entice her with a more nutritious lust.

                        And so each day begins, hearty and hale,
                        Till sleep once more at last calms Tiggy’s tail.