Wednesday, August 10, 2016


                    The kind of love this little dog inspires,
                    Who’s lying now between us in our bed,
                    Is such of which this couple never tires,
                    Who love to pet our furry quadruped.
                    She’s Tiggy, and she craves to sleep with us
                    Between our pillowed heads much of the night,
                    But as the dawning day grows luminous,
                    And prospects of adventures come in sight,
                    Tig makes her move to roust me from my sleep,
                    Get up, and throw treats to the braying squirrels
                    While she scarfs up a few peanuts to keep,
                    And Gyp’s now come along, so both our girls
                        Begin the day by frolicking about
                        Our yard—happy at last the sun is out.