Saturday, August 13, 2016


             First off, it’s running to the yard to pee,
             And then begins the hunt for errant squirrels
             Who wait for nuts I toss abundantly,
             To the delight of our two frisky girls.

             And Tiggy, though she knows that I have treats
             Appropriate for her, prefers the nuts
             And rather’d keep the squirrels from their own eats
             By scampering after their fleet fuzzy butts.

            Then they come in and eagerly await
            The Greenies and the Jumbones I hand out,
            Which usually aren't quite enough to sate
            Their appetites, so I’ll soon hear a shout.

                 “All right, all right, you girls—just one more each.”
                 They’re glad to know I’ve learned what they’ve to teach.