Tuesday, June 21, 2016


                   There’s a dimension both our doggies know
                    Embarking on their morn and evening walks
                    Enticing them where I don’t let them go
                    And Gyppie most particularly stalks:
                    Their sense of smell being so much more acute
                    Than mine, it draws them off our path to sniff
                    Some pungent rottenness they’d love to loot,
                    And if I’m not alert, then in a jiff
                    One’s scarfed it up—most likely it’s big Gyp,
                    But little Tig snaps many a trifle up
                    And once she’s latched, she’ll not let loose her grip
                    And, loot in mouth, she’s one ferocious pup.
                        We’ve learned it’s better they be fed before
                        We leash them up and let them out the door.