Wednesday, June 15, 2016


“Integration with the infinite is the task 
of the mature individual.” —Carl Jung

                    The chief task of our sapience is to grow
                    Into a state of mind rightly aligned
                    With what all who are wise have come to know,
                    The noblest potential of our kind:

                    A Cosmic Consciousness—a mystic view
                    Of the invisible matrix from which
                    Is born the multiverse, with much ado,
                    Where all creation finds its proper niche,

                   And so it is with us, tasked to find out
                   With our expanding consciousness our aim
                   And what this multiverse is all about:
                   What it is headed for and whence it came.

                       When we have rightly read the Cosmos’ mind
                       We’ll have done that for which we are designed.