Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A program of liberal education aims to liberate you from the bondage of ignorance and ineptitude that is your natural, untutored condition at birth.

Your primary and secondary schooling should lay down a platform of fundamental knowledge and skills upon which will be erected an edifice of higher learning—not so much a building as a spacecraft, built for a lifetime adventure of exploration and discovery, designed for gaining perspective and a comprehensive view of what humanity can know and do.

A collegiate undergraduate program of liberal education concludes aptly with a commencement: the beginning of a course of self-directed, lifelong learning, exploring further the full reaches of human mentality, developing more and yet more capacities, competencies and curiosities.

You should leave such a college ready, willing and ardent to continue  educating yourself, drawing out and nourishing your activated initiatives for discovery and mastery of what needs to be known.

If your life is not an amazing adventure in knowing and growing, it is not fully human, and you are not liberated but enslaved.