Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The aim of a liberal education is to develop the latent capabilities of your mind, thereby liberating you to enjoy and employ skills of contemplation and of action that serve the well-being of the world.

Your mentality is like ore in a mine until it is discovered and refined by the processes of education through both formal schooling and autodidactic endeavors.

The motive force of liberal education is your curiosity—an eager, tenacious hunger to find out and discover what is unknown and important to know, especially that for which you have natural talents to pursue.

The best that institutional education can do is to urge and encourage you on a multi-directional course of continual study, of lifelong learning.

Yet beyond that schooling, your responsibility to your talents and potentialities should urge you to continue cultivating the flourishing and fruitful garden of your mind for as long as you might.