Monday, April 16, 2012


Become an English major or minor because you love good writing and want to immerse yourself in studying its artistry and its insights into the human condition.

You eagerly want to encounter the world’s literary classics as well as the best of contemporary litera-ture—prose (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, drama and film.

You want as well to study literary criticism to learn the spectrum of approaches to analyzing and appreciating the masterpieces.

You want to develop mastery yourself in writing professional-level expository prose, with your grammar, syntax, diction, usage and punctuation first rate; with your logic cogent and your rhetoric apt.

Finally, if you discover in yourself a talent for creative writing, then you may also seek the guidance of writing workshops with your peers and the mentoring of master writers in the faculty or visiting the college.

You study English because you love good writing and you love writing well.