Tuesday, April 24, 2012


In order to imagine a Global Wisdom Culture toward which we aim to evolve (because it would advocate and express saner and more salutary values than does our present culture), we should first define those aspects of our current dysfunctional culture that need reformation. 
If what we aim to develop is a Global Wisdom Culture, then we must recognize and anatomize the Global Folly Culture that now prevails.

We must ask: in how many ways does our current culture condition us to behave foolishly, insanely, recklessly with respect (or disrespect) to the well-being of our planetary ecosystem and, more particularly, to the wholesome development of human beings?  How have we been programmed to be stupid?  Or, if we are born stupid—in a stupor of ignorance and a cloud of unknowing—how may we open ourselves to the light and clarity of visionary wisdom that shows us how to live well?

So then, what needs reforming?  How do our current cultures and subcultures mislead us into behaving insanely—contrary to the health and well-being of ourselves and others, including other species?