Friday, June 18, 2010


Intelligent, self-reflective life like us is implicit in the evolutionary nature of the universe; otherwise we’d not exist.

Therefore, given the vastness of this universe, the likelihood is strong that other such beings have evolved or will evolve elsewhere, developed well beyond our present prowess.

But Earth’s history alone teaches us that Homo sapiens v. 2010 will not be the summit of human evolution (unless we abuse our amazing technologies and destroy our species).

Rather, our species will evolve further, not merely to “fit a niche” (in the old Darwinian manner) but to relieve the itch we’re born with to explore, expand and extend ourselves upwardly—to rise in consciousness, comprehension and capabilities. Because our survival and thriving require it, we will wise up.

Assuming that much, it behooves us now to envision the wisdom we’re evolving toward, a Global Wisdom incorporating the best of the provincial wisdoms produced by our sundry societies, from indigenous to industrial. And that is the very project many visionaries today are collaborating to produce: a manifesto of the principles humanity must subscribe to so as to thrive on a thriving planet: The Principles of Global Wisdom.

Let us compose that now.