Thursday, June 10, 2010


Above all other goals for which one tries,
The highest human aim is to be wise.



Let’s say that you’ve come to a brilliant recognition that it’s time now for you to wise up. But not you alone.

Your sudden realization has revealed to you that most of the world, including most people in your own culture, are leading wayward and reckless lives, misled by values and aspirations harmful to the planet and to their own highest potentials. If not utterly foolish, from an enlightened perspective, they are far from wise.

Your revelation urges you to probe this issue and find out more clearly and distinctly how the prevailing values in our society (since it's better to sweep our own doorstep first) need to be altered to develop a saner, more humane culture.

You are looking to define the values and mores of a wise person in a wise society, as well as to envision those societal policies that will institutionalize that wisdom.

As you look about you, what do you see that needs wising up? And how do you advise achieving that goal? Write about that.