Saturday, March 13, 2010


To say that Love is the supreme human virtue is confusing and misleading, in English.

That point is better made in Latin by using the word caritas, which translates as care and charity.

Rather than suggesting, via the word love, a glowing emotion; it’s more to the point to indicate a generous action, as does care and charity.

Charity looks out toward others and looks out for others, caring for their suffering and providing for their needs.

Charity turns outward to you, generously; whereas love is often absorbed in me, narcissistically.

Charity transcends self and identifies with the other, turning an object into a subject, an it to a Thou.

Charity is empathic, entering into the hearts of others, feeling their emotions, sharing their burdens, bringing them comfort.

Angels are the emblems of charity as they shine exaltedly, lifting sunken spirits, rescuing imperiled souls, and healing the hurt.

If you would love, act like an angel.