Saturday, September 19, 2015


                    We have our morning rituals, the girls
                    And I, when we arise: Gyppie will stretch
                    And roll and yawn, while Tiggy leaps and twirls
                    Hoping I’ll throw a toy for her to fetch.

                    Then pounding down the stairs we go toward
                    The back door and the dim-lit, dewy yard
                    To prove again to squirrels who is lord
                    Of this domain, a job they don’t find hard.

                    Before long, Kimmie’s come to feed those squirrels,
                    And Tiggy claims her portion of their nuts
                    Insisting on her share with leaps and twirls
                    Or otherwise she’ll chase their fuzzy butts.

                        It’s quiet now, and I have time to write
                        Recording something of the day’s delight.