Sunday, September 27, 2015


                    The tourists and the business people come,
                    Descending from the sky just as the sun
                    Begins to rise; the birds as yet are dumb
                    But shortly will join in the morning’s fun.

                   The chirring squirrels will scour the ground for nuts,
                   Despite the danger of our dogs now out
                   To pee—to them a pair of surly mutts
                   Who won’t retreat no matter how they shout.

                   But hark!  I hear a bird, and now another,
                   Then all too soon the traffic on the road
                   Grows loud and louder as mother after mother
                   Drives kids to school, all dressed to meet the code,

                       And now, once I have polished off this poem,
                       The dogs and I our neighborhood will roam.