Sunday, March 23, 2014


    This little dog has quickly learned she can
    depend on us to service all her needs,
    and in return she seems to have a plan
    to service ours, and thoroughly succeeds.

    While we will feed her, brush her, give her walks,
    caress and cuddle her to show our care,
    her tacit body language all but talks,
    reciprocating love she means to share.

    How curious it is, when we pet her,
    expressing the deep fondness that we feel,
    it’s as if there were magic in her fur
    to make us feel the same as she must feel:

         Such is the natural reciprocity
         love generates, that binds and sets us free.



     Our little Tiggy’s tummy is upset.
     It gurgles as she lies between our heads,
     and though the sun has not arisen yet,
     I rise to see if we have any meds
     to settle her poor stomach, or some food
     she’ll eat instead, the better remedy—
     though when like this, she isn’t in the mood
     to savor what she’d gobble normally.
     Now, having turned down tasty offerings,
     she lies beside me in my writing chair
     as the first robin of the morning sings,
     and oddly now I hear no gurgling there.
          I hope when she awakens from her snooze,
          when offered food, she won’t again refuse.