Saturday, March 22, 2014


      How could it be, from all we’ve come to know,
      that we are here, with our capacity
      to apprehend, to comprehend, to grow
      beyond our species’ reckless infancy?

      That is the question which we must pursue
      to know our purpose in the universe,
      to learn what humans are designed to do,
      for knowledge is a boon and not a curse.

      It’s clear there is an order implicate
      in the expanding cosmos that defines
      the latent universe it will beget
      according to its own covert designs.

           And we are here, the progeny of Earth,
           to give that Universal Spirit birth.


      Since life has happened here, it’s happened there,
      and there, and there—just point into the sky
      some starlit night: it could be anywhere;
      the question we can’t answer yet is Why?

      We know enough of cosmogenesis
      to reckon that our universe was birthed
      in one colossal burst of heavenly bliss,
      although the cosmos was as yet unfurled:

      That process would take eons to unfold
      as space expanded and matter was distilled
      from energy in ways that seem controlled
      by some arcane design we might call Willed.

           To contemplate the cosmos would seem odd
           without inferring it the work of God.