Sunday, March 18, 2012


Because you are an author, and your life is your story, it behooves you to learn your craft and become an artist of the highest stature you can.

Though you are not the originator of your life, and you are not responsible for most of the formative influences that shaped your early years, there comes a time, sooner better than later, when you must assume authority, or authorship, of the life story you will live out.  To the common question, “Whose life is it anyway?” you must answer, “Mine!” and make it so.

Schooling should not simply stuff you with knowledge, but teach you the rudiments of life-crafting. It should be formative as well as informative, developing in you the mastery to make your life a masterpiece.

As the author of your life story, as the captain of your soul, you must chart your own course and begin an adventure full of surprises, unforeseen opportunities and challenges.

You will not know your final destination or destiny until you arrive there, but meanwhile you’ll stay alert to the winds of spirit that blow about you whispering where you’re bound for, and you’ll set your sails accordingly.

Do what you love as much as you can.  Your vocation is what calls to you from within, from the center of your being, from your heart of hearts.  It says, “THIS is who you are, THIS is where to go, THIS is what you rightly ought to do.

Do it.  Become it.  Make your story come true.