Thursday, September 8, 2011


It is all too easy and common for us human beings not to realize or remember what our purpose is, what we are designed for.

Therefore, what our generic challenge is—is to wake up and recall the end implicit in our being, that goal we are intended to reach, which may be stated in various ways:

          •    Refining consciousness
          •    Cultivating spirit
          •    Growing soul

“Refining consciousness” is the least religious sounding of the three, avoiding such words as spirit and soul; though consciousness is no less mysterious a term than the other two.

Consciousness, spirit and soul are all words pointing to something in us or about us that is vital and essential to our being and our awareness.  Without them we would be inanimate.

But just how animated can we be is the essential question we must ask and pursue to a true conclusion: What can we become?  What are the further reaches of human potential and possibility not yet manifested and realized?  What latencies in us lie undeveloped?

These are questions to be asked individually and generically, for oneself and for humanity at large. 

Promising questions.