Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Now that we humans have finally broken the time barrier and can communicate with the past, we, your descendants in the year 2050, have determined it best for the planet for you to share in the wisdom we have gained four decades later.

We know well the risks of tampering with the past, and we have taken great care that although we share with you our wisdom, you will receive it as simply science fiction or fantasy.  Nonetheless, we mean for this transmission to impress you as inevitable common sense, infectious common sense that will subtly alter your consciousness in ways that orient you toward the world we now inhabit, forty years beyond you. 

In fact, we already know that our experiment in time travel has worked because we are living in the world you created, a world of peace, prosperity and, above all, sanity.

Take heart, then, in reading this document, which you’ll call “future history” though you think of it as mere speculation.  Take heart because the inspiration and guidance you gain from these pages are seeds that will sprout in years to come.

We need not describe for you the means by which our world of 2050 has come to pass but only depict for you the happy outcome, the goal you are headed toward inevitably.  As you dwell and dream upon that spectral futuristic image, you will find it gradually solidifying over the intervening decades into fact, into the world of now: a fruitful world, a peaceful world, a just world, and adventurous world. 

Now, let us show you the details . . .