Thursday, March 26, 2009


How best to picture or imagine growing wiser?

Is wisdom a ladder to scale from lower to higher rings?

Is wisdom a spectrum to expand along from narrower to wider ranges?

Is wisdom an enlarging scope, a circle or sphere encompassing more and more?

Is wisdom the slow illumination of midnight to dawn to the high noon of day, or the dissipation of dense fog to the clarity of a desert sun?

Is it a mood or mode that graduates from depression to elation, from gravity to levity, from matter to vapor? Is it a state of being that proceeds from malady to salubrity: from illness to health, to wellness, to optimal wellbeing?

Is it a skill that first puts block on block in a playpen, then fits Tinkertoy to Tinkertoy and ultimately oversees constructing the Hover Dam or launching a space-probing rocket? Or is that merely intelligence developing, and not wisdom?

Or is wisdom the final flourishing of intelligence, the blossoming of the ultimate beauty of intellect expanded beyond the control and domination of nature toward the full comprehension and appreciation of the universe we call Nature—far still beyond our fathoming?