Saturday, April 4, 2009


Once, long ago, there shone on me
A glorious warmth and light—
It bathed me in tranquility
And opened wide my sight:

I then could view the Universe
And seemed to know it whole,
And though that vision would disperse,
It clarified my soul.

What I now see by lesser light
Still glows with what I saw,
And while I cannot reach that height,
My heart retains its awe.

Though brilliant’s now reduced to bright,
I’m glad enough to glimpse such light.

* * *

If I cannot believe in a Supreme Being—God, I do know a supreme way of being—godly; a holy state of human being: whole and healthy; a blessed human condition: blissful and beatific.

We human beings have it in us to waken, rise, and open to spiritual awareness of the highest, brightest kind, and it’s that state we seek instinctively to find and realize—a transcendent consciousness beyond the mundane-mindedness of daily deeds.

To be so beatified is to become fully human and to kindly shine on others, reminding them of how they too may be, and who they truly are.