Sunday, June 8, 2008


Who knows for sure, but let’s say it’s like this: you actually do have a soul—or, more precisely, you are a soul, a soul who, while here on Earth, has a body.

And you, a soul, are immortal, an eternal droplet of the God-stuff that constitutes the universe, or All That Is.

This is a story you’ll hear going around a lot these days, an ancient notion from the Greeks and the Hindus, growing more popular as “spirituality” encroaches increasingly on doctrinal religions disgraced by narrow-minded teachings and hypocritical preachers.

Life after Earth-life, you have chosen to return here for further adventures and opportunities for spiritual advancement. When you are discarnate, between lives, you return to the “spiritual realm” to join a community of souls possessing far more expanded consciousness than we materialized mortals can enjoy.

There you’ll find ranks of souls, from the less evolved to the most advanced. You stand on a ladder and climb toward greater spiritual illumination, toward ultimate enlightenment.

But just as electrical filaments grow brighter when the current coursing through them meets greater resistance, so spiritual energy evolves and brightens by passing through material existence, through the challenges posed by mortal lifetimes on Earth—or elsewhere in the Cosmos, for all we know.

So, having been here many times and having returned over and again to spirit land (Psychopolis?), you have chosen once more an Earthly life, this one.

But before coming, you have gotten to select the circumstances of your existence, those among your spiritmates with whom you’d recompanion and in what relationships: husband or wife, child or parent, teacher or student, and so on.

You have also chosen, with guidance, the special challenges you’d face this time, which if well met would take you to a higher rung of enlightenment, perhaps even beyond the point where further reincarnations here would advance your spiritual status—at which glorious point, you would have graduated from “Schoolhouse Earth.”

The difficulty we all face here, however, is that we don’t consciously remember anything about our souls, or where we’re supposed to be going. And that’s intentional.

The old myth about our souls having been dipped in Lethe, the River of Oblivion, depicts how, though we descend to Earth “trailing clouds of glory,” our memories of the spirit realm are usually extinguished at birth, at which point we begin playing a kind of spiritual hide-and-seek game, looking for our way back Home, growing as we go.

So your job here and now is to find out who you really are, why you chose to return, what spiritual work you have yet to do, and to get on with it: carrying out your Earthly mission.

Carry on.