Tuesday, February 21, 2017

 SO IT GOES                

                    Although I know it’s time now to retire
                    From my career of professoring, I
                    Have miles to go before I sleep and fire
                    In my gut to write until I die
                    Still many years from now, and write I'll do,
                    For I am called each morning by my Muse
                    To sit and contemplate until some clue
                    Occurs about a topic to peruse,
                    Which I’ll begin my writing to pursue,
                    And, all the while, this sweetest, dearest pup
                    Lies here beside me in my kicked-back chair
                    As I sit sipping on my morning cup
                    Of Graviola tea and chew my pen
                    Till this last couplet’s done—and now, Amen.