Tuesday, November 22, 2016


                  Tegan, Tiggy, Tig or Tigaletto—
                  This well-bred pup’s not from a slum or ghetto;
                  No, she’s a Mi-Ki and no Mickey Mouse
                  And knows that she’s  the mistress of our house,
                  Except perhaps for Gypsy, who’s her elder
                  And in our home has been the longer dweller
                  But Tig has even Gyp wrapped round her paw,
                  Just as she holds the rest of us in awe,
                  Her winsome frolicings being so beguiling
                  She leaves enchanted onlookers all smiling—

                  Not so her puppy playmates who get whupped:
                  She’s such a fierce contender, they’re out-pupped.
                       Worn out from all her frolics and in bed,
                       Between our heads she lays her drowsy head.