Tuesday, May 17, 2016


                    What is there better I can do than make
                    A daily verse and exercise my gift
                    And skill “for heaven and the future’s sake”
                    (As Frost once wrote): for joy and for uplift?
                    For that, it must be musical and chime,
                    Depicting in apt imagery fresh sights,
                    And when there’s charming rhythm and apt rhyme
                    There grows a poetry that most delights.
                    Free verse and prose have their own merits, true,
                    But I’ve an aptitude for this old kind
                    And feel the happiest when I pursue
                    A style where sound and sense are intertwined,
                         For such a verse has more vivacity
                         And lodges longer in your memory.

                          P.S.  This poem is not one of those
                                   As you correctly will suppose.