Wednesday, February 17, 2016


                 The dogs and I have our daily routines,
                 Which start with cuddling Tiggy, still in bed,
                 Though soon Gypsy, the bigger of our queens,
                 Conveys that it’s her petting time instead
                 And muscles in to get her share of strokes
                 Until it’s time for all of us to rise,
                 Which Gyppie indicates by giving pokes
                 With her blunt snout until I realize
                 It’s now our day begins and we go down
                 To the first floor and out to the back yard
                 And chase some raffish squirrels who taunt and clown
                 Around with both of them, though still on guard
                      Lest speedy Tiggy grab one by the tail,
                      Which she has tried—happily to no avail.