Saturday, November 7, 2015


                  Our Tiggy is dream-barking in her sleep,
                  Which manifests as an amusing peep.
                  What could it be, provoking her outrage
                  Performing on her mind’s nocturnal stage?

                 I’d guess it’s squirrels she’s chasing in the yard,
                 A fancied role in which she’s often starred,
                 But then, it could be cats across the street
                 Whom on our daily walks we often meet,

                 Whose lounging insolence she just can’t stand
                 And Tiggy feels obliged to reprimand;
                 Or does she dream she’s at our own front door
                 Where a delivery man prompts her uproar?

                     No wonder, then, she naps throughout the day,
                     When all night long her dreams are filled with play.