Monday, August 17, 2015


                    “HAEWAT!” begins the tale of Beowulf,
                     Or “Listen up!” as we would say today,
                     Summoning us again past time’s vast gulf
                     To recollect a famous epic fray
                     In which but one man dared to stand against
                     A monstrous, hag-born progeny of Hell
                     Who overwhelmed all efforts at defense
                     And gobbled foes until his belly’d swell.
                     “Grendel” was this fiendish monster named,
                     Whose mother was a witch, both seeds of sin,
                     And long their wicked reign had been proclaimed,
                     But soon a glorious era would begin
                          Once Beowulf had ripped off Grendel’s arm
                          Rescuing the whole countryside from harm.