Tuesday, May 26, 2015


               “What kind of dog is that—the little one?”
               Folks ask me as I walk with Gyp and Tig—
               A prompt for me to have a bit of fun—
               They mean our Tegan, who’s just six pounds big.

               “It’s only on the outside that she’s small,”
               I say.  “Inside, her ego is immense.
               What kind of dog?  One who’s ten inches tall,
               Who’s lovingly laid back, but then intense.

               “Her breed’s a Mi-Ki, which must be a mix.
               What dogs,” I ask, “do you think she looks like?”
               “A Yorkie?  Papillon?—those ears transfix!
               A Pomeranian?  She’s such a tyke.”

                    “Those are good guesses, but as for myself
                    I think, besides the others, she’s part elf.”