Thursday, May 9, 2013


The faith most imperative for human beings to develop is the belief in our own potential to live wisely, in ways that enhance the viability of prolific life on Earth. 

This is not faith in a Divinity, a transcendent deity to be worshipped, petitioned, revered and feared.  Rather, this is a faith in our own potential to divine wiser and wiser ways to conduct ourselves in concord with the thriving of life on Earth far into the future. 

As brilliant as our sciences and as astounding as our technologies may become, we must cultivate the sagacity to employ such learning most beneficially. 

If one’s belief in a guiding and supportive God helps to cultivate such wisdom in thought and deed, then that is well and good.  However one finds a way to live wisely is a service to the flourishing of life on Earth—and beyond. 

True faith promotes wise behavior.