Saturday, February 18, 2012


              Who was Shakespeare that he knew
              The ingredients of a brew
              Witches use to cast a spell
              Sending enemies to hell?
              How would any noble man
              Know such lore as someone can
             Country born and village bred,
             Gossips’ doctrines in his head?
             What Will knew of noble things
             Stuff of history easily brings;
             Loitering in Liza’s court
             Proved the poet’s chief resort.
             Then, his schooling was first rate
             For a mind insatiate:
             Rhetoric and Greek he conned,
             Read the classics and beyond
             Into quaint and curious things:
             Witches’ brews and fairy rings,
             Ancient wars and heroes bold,
             Princes young and monarchs old.
             Thus did such a genius rise,
             Low by birth, to spacious skies,
             To the pinnacle of fame—
             William Shakespeare was his name.