Sunday, October 16, 2011

  • Because you want to gain mastery of the English language in its full range of employments: exposition, description, argumentation and artistry.
  • While you may explicitly study the craft of writing so as to develop your own skills of composition in many modes, most of the mastery you attain will come vicariously through your perusal of excellent literature in English, from ancient to contemporary masterpieces.
  • Only as you saturate yourself in great writing of all kinds can you assimilate the means for writing and speaking artfully yourself.
  • Appreciation (that is, comprehension and evaluation) of great writing is the aim of literary study, which pays tribute to the marvelous and various mentalities of poets, song writers, playwrights, story tellers, essayists and other wordsmiths whose medium is the English language, whether originally or in translation.
  • And as appreciation leads to imitation, adaptation and invention—perhaps in you—then the tradition of English expands.

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