Monday, October 17, 2011


Listen—you Earthlings have become too dangerous to remain so foolish.

Therefore, we must finally intervene, despite our own Prime Directive commanding us not to intrude in the affairs of intelligent life systems on any planets in our galaxy.

In your dire case, however, we justify our exception because you have come so very close to achieving a state of planetary prosperity and of attaining the higher level of consciousness necessary to become a truly cosmic species—Homo transcendens—that it would be unconscionable for us to allow you to destroy Earth’s ecosystems, as you are about to do at worst, or at least to set back the development of intelligent life on Earth by eons.

Therefore, in the spirit of minimalism, we now only issue this directive letting you know you are being kindly observed by well-wishers from afar, solicitous of the success of your vital enterprise on Earth.  Let this knowledge encourage you to transcend the short-sightedness that presently prompts you to degrade and destroy the viability of your precious planet and to thwart the infinitely promising prospects of your continually evolving species.

We leave it to you to discover your own way to transcendence, comforted now by knowing you are not alone in the Cosmos, and knowing that purpose inheres in the very fabric of our universe.  That purpose is to foster intelligent life that grows toward wisdom.

Therefore, chart your course accordingly, assured that benevolent guidance will inspire you to find your way if you go astray.

Now, Earthlings, ask yourselves: What are your most imperative priorities?  Make a list.