Saturday, August 7, 2010


The most distinctly human thing a person can do is to devise and lead a meaningful life, a life of self-determined significance, a life that “counts for something.”

Many people fail at this challenge, often not even recognizing the opportunity they have (or spiritual imperative that urges them) to create a life of meaning. Instead, they bumble along like pinballs bouncing off bumpers and dropping down oblivious holes, until their game of random triviality is over.

More people, though, more mindful of their mortality and of life’s preciousness, make more concerted efforts to design their biographies purposefully, with a eye to how their life story will look as an obituary.

Only the most perceptive people recognize their opportunity to become bio-artists, to take artistic command of the plot, setting and themes of their own lives, and to affect the lives of others beneficially.

What higher aim could a person have than to create a living masterpiece, to fashion a course of life dedicated to expressing the grand principles of Goodness, Truth and Beauty, and to realizing one’s highest Selfhood?