Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Bill Moyers,

I do indeed respect your need at 76 to tend to projects more important and fulfilling than your Journal, and we’ll be delighted to learn of them and share those fruits of your sagacity, O Honored Elder.

Yes, “Honored Elder”—for such you’ve shown yourself to be, these countless Friday nights, in your probing conversations with the most spirited, insightful, enlightening, eloquent, courageous, admirable guests one could hope to meet.

And then to provide a blog for responses, rebuttals, and for ongoing discourse, as well as a chance to revisit the original dialogues (or catch them if one’s missed them)—that has been a great service to public engagement and exchange.

Whatever new and comparable news analysis program now being planned to “fill your slot,” I hope will carry on these virtues of your Journal. But the earnest, honest, ardent, incisive character of your interlocutory style can never be replaced.

For all of your great service to civic sanity and wisdom—deep thanks!