Saturday, April 17, 2010


1. Come to every scheduled class session (note well our stringent attendance policy).

2. Arrive on time. It’s rude and disruptive to enter after class has begun (but late, if unavoidable, is better than absent).

3. If you bring your computer to class, it may prove useful on occasion for looking up information. Otherwise, keep it closed, and give your full attention to what’s transpiring in class, contributing to the conversation. What few notes you may want to take (it’s not a lecture course), you can write on paper.

4. Turn off your hand-held electronic devices (no ringing, no texting, no browsing, etc).

5. Use the lavatory before class, not during, as a rule.

6. Daydreaming, wool-gathering, napping with your eyes open, silently smoldering, lusting, planning your agenda or plotting your next move (being generally undetectable and often irresistible), while not advisable, should be minimized, if only because someone is paying big bucks for you to BE HERE NOW.