Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Now lat me telle you of oure dogges two.
The one is redde and away longes to goe
Outside to chase the sprightly squirrels far
And wide, tho only sometime does she mar
Hir games by catching one of hem to kille,
And that were sadde to doon a creature ille.
Th’other of our dogges is blak and whit
And loves to frisk aboute in hir delit,
As if she were a faïrye or an elve,
And howles for companye whan by hirselve.
The two of hem for treates have grown fat
And in good pointe, with shining cotes that
Do glisten like bright mettle in the sunne,
And alle hir dayes are dedicat to funne.
The redde one is hente Gypsy, gladde to roam;
The blak and whit is Keena, who keepes hoom.